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Welcome to HAK Recovery Training Centre for De-Addiction. 

HAK is not only a rehabilitation counselling centre but is also a place of LOVE & CARE community, and restoration of self confident and respect.


Every addicted individual want to be free from addiction and Scripture says, “If you know the truth; the truth shall set you free”. Jn.8:32.


We solely depend and trust upon God for total transformation of any addicted person. This program is  based on the Bible and offer one year recovery training.

Upon the completion of the duration he or she will be awarded with appreciation certificate.

The pioneer of the HAK always said; I was in the wilderness for 7  years without God, my days were miserable without Alcohol on those days but  “Today without Jesus my day is miserable”. His life completely changed after he surrendered his wills and life to God.

Our Vision

Return to your Source: Acknowledge that God is the answer for everything. Renewal of your mind: Change your old belief system, start a new way of thinking, God’s way of thinking.

Our Mission

Use every opportunity to restore the addicted and desperate person who are without hope and show them the love of Christ with tender care and inspire them to lead a purpose driven lives.



To restore and release them back into family and Society  as a transformed person.

Never to become just another drug rehab but rather offer a comprehensive discipleship training program.





No Age Limit 




Time Duration

1 year



17 People


Home, Away from home!

Sewing Machine

Encouragement and counselling is very important but only counselling and encouragement doesn't  work but recognize their ability and guide their carrear, provide skill training opportunities is much more effective to the De-Addiction.
Thus HAK concern to provide self sustaining skill training so that they don't need to hang around for their future. 


Music Class

Music helps to relax people in a fast-paced ultramodern society suffering from stress and pressure. Music can improve mood and provide comfort to a person who is feeling cranky and tired.

Sundays are exclusively dedicated for Worship and Music in the Church.

Video Call

Game and Sport

We value Game and Sport class in the Morning and Evening everyday. Play Badminton, Carrom, Chess, Football & Yoga regularly. It can help strengthen the heart muscle and limit the risk of blood vessels clogging, reducing your risk of CHD. It also counts as a moderate-intensity activity.



We use three langage in teaching they are: English, Hindi, and Nepali.

Microsoft Power Point will be use in teaching to make them clear understanding of the subject. 

Zoom class will be conduct sometime, teaching from different professional all over India.

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